Making Dirty Oil Usable

We Help You With The Following:

  • Crude Oil Harvesting
  • Salt Water Disposal
  • Rejected Crude Removal

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Products & Services

Salt Water Disposal

We work with our clients to remove and safely dispose of their salt water

We recover marketable crude from rejected crude and B S & W

Crude Harvesting

We assist our clients by removing their B S & W and rejected crude

Rejected Crude Removal

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Ed is a founder of the Company and its CFO. Mr. Stoltenberg was a Managing Director of Phoenix Financial Services LLC, “Phoenix,” an investment banking firm and has served as a Director for several publicly trade companies.

R. Mitchell Hindman

Mitchell has 25 years of experience developing recoverable crude oil technology. This experience includes both executive and field development operations. He will lead the operations of the company.

About Our Founders

Edward A. Stoltenberg

David was the Founder & CEO of Phoenix TPC. He was also an executive with Baker Hughes and responsible for developing special liquid solid separation technology. He currently works as an international consultant in the thermoplastic composites industry, holding a number of US patents.

David B. Park - CEO


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